How to Obtain a Complete Unified Communications System: Part 1

Drew Bixby
Read Time: 1 minute

With so many options to complete your unified communications system today, it’s become easy to pick and choose different pieces of the pie at your own pace. However, the first step is determining what solutions really make sense to compliment the services you already have in place.

Here at DoubleHorn, we offer a number of different UC system solutions to compliment your hosted VoIP service. Our IPOne Contact Center, conference and calling card solutions can all be added on to your existing service when you are ready.


IPOne Contact Center allows customers to focus on their business objectives as each and every call is routed to the appropriate person. It also includes support in multiple languages, call supervision and reporting, call detail and recording.


Our IPOne Conference provides enterprise-level voice conferencing and moderator services at affordable small-business prices. IPOne Conference offers a dedicated secure dial-in from any location with a local phone number for each market.


We also offer calling card solutions that allow employees to make long distance phone calls, at a rate of .06 cents per minute worldwide, whether the employee is at the main office or a remote location. Employers are able to track each phone call by employee or extension while still maintaining its business name and number identity with out of office calls.