How to Obtain a Complete Unified Communications System: Part 3

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How to Obtain a Complete Unified Communications System

In the final installment of our series on “How to Obtain a Complete Unified Communications System,” we will be focusing on our hosted VoIP add-ons that support accessing the right tools for the remote worker.


At DoubleHorn we specialize in helping SMBs succeed, even if their business takes place in a small or home office. With small office/home office (SOHO), our customers can take full advantage of all the features of our hosted VoIP services from any location helping to increase efficiency and enhance the capabilities for remote workers.

Furthermore, our Executive Extension solution allows customers to stay in touch remotely by turning their mobile device into an office extension. When an office number is dialed, the call will easily and anonymously be routed to your mobile device. This allows for a quicker response time and improves time management. Calls can even be pulled back to your DoubleHorn phone system for voicemail and call recording and then routed to your laptop or mobile device via email.


Lastly, our Mobile Office solution allows businesses and employees to conduct business anytime from anywhere in the world. With MO, you’ll never miss an important call or voicemail because it eliminates the need for multiple devices and creates a big business perception by increasing productivity and accessibility. Every extension, mobile device and account can be easily accessed through one company phone number, which virtually eliminates the need for an expensive office phone system.