How does CSB help in aligning Business & IT?

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Part 4/4 of the blog series on Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB). Part 1Part 2, Part 3.

CSBs offer a myriad of choices to the enterprises by integrating and aggregating cloud services on secure and simplified provisioning platforms. They help businesses in achieving more productivity, competitiveness, and agility. CSBs align the IT departments in enterprises in ways more than one. IT departments, in enterprises traditionally have a set of responsibilities that include regulatory and policy compliance, cost control and system administration as well as maintenance. Hitherto, IT departments handled these responsibilities in a reactive manner, waiting for the business groups to identify and choose a computing application or service and then chalking out strategies to configure, manage and secure those services. However, with the advancements in technology and the advent of cloud, IT leaders of today are challenged with important tasks such as increasing revenue, efficient management of resources, advancing innovation and many more.

IT today needs a more strategic and proactive approach and CSBs facilitate IT departments to work more efficiently. CSBs offer a slew of various services thereby enabling IT staff to focus on advancing innovation, making proactive recommendations to business counterparts, anticipating business needs and in the process becoming more efficient, flexible and vital participants in the growth of a business. CSBs, by offering a suite of services that simplify and centralize the control of various services implemented to aid the IT to eliminate redundancy by offering a unified platform to manage and control services and resources. They also facilitate scaling up or scaling down of services as per the requirement and also facilitate flexibility in choosing and managing services.

CSBs help to align business and IT by offering multiple benefits such as increased operational efficiencies and reducing complexity. Among others, three major benefits offered by CSBs for businesses include:

    • Efficient contract management: Often enterprises are faced with difficulty in managing contracts of multiple cloud services and cloud brokers aid businesses in efficient contract management by identifying suitable cloud providers and services. They ensure that similar reporting, usage-tracking tools, and KPIs are implemented across the menu of cloud services adopted by the enterprise. They also manage the contracts of various services adopted by the enterprise thereby eliminating the cumbersome activity of managing multiple contracts and aiding staff to focus on other important issues that impact business.
    • SLA Aggregation: Finding, identifying and negotiating and monitoring Service Level Agreements (SLA) is a tedious task enterprise are often faced with. CSBs facilitate the process of SLA negotiation between the end-user and the service provider and also offer monitoring services thereby facilitating significant time and manpower savings. Addressing the demands of the end-users, brokers aid the enterprises by offering cost-effective resources and infrastructural advantages. They also facilitate the ability to negotiate and manage technical contracts on-the-fly thereby facilitating the high levels of flexibility demanded by businesses.
  • Single Source Billing: Amongst the various advantages offered by cloud service brokers, single source billing is a great advantage that eliminates significant hassle faced by businesses in maintaining multiple billing for the multitude of cloud implementations across the enterprise. CSBs offer a unified, simple and single point billing solutions that eliminate the hassles associated with budgeting, invoice management, usage control and payments related to multiple services offered by multiple service providers.

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