Hosted VoIP: The Economical Choice for Savings – Part 2

Read Time: 1 minute

Yesterday’s blog looked at a few examples of why hosted VoIP was the best and most economical choice for savings in a small business. We looked at how deploying hosted VoIP services is easy because it eliminates multi-vendor applications, combining everything on one easy to read the invoice.

A traditional phone company will usually provide customers with the necessary equipment to get started. What they fail to mention is that equipment depreciates its value once it’s installed, much like a new car as soon as it’s driven off of the lot.

DoubleHorn’s bundle package includes all of the equipment, as well as service for that equipment. The service provides customers with world-class Polycom phones and industry standard servers. The deal also includes routers and service and maintenance, with full support for multiple office locations, satellite offices, mobile and home users.

Partnered with Polycom, a leader in business VoIP phone equipment, and ADTRAN, a provider of the finest class-carrier data routers, DoubleHorn is able to provide its customers with superior quality and tremendous flexibility.

With the reduced costs, simplified complexities, time-saving capabilities, and a multitude of features, VoIP is the clear-cut economical choice when looking to cut costs for a small business.