Hosted VoIP: The Economical Choice for SMB Savings – Part 1

Read Time: 1 minute

With increasing fees for Internet and telephony use, Voice over internet Protocol (VoIP) is the best economical cost savings choice for companies, especially SMBs with limited resources.

VoIP does not require a large scale infrastructure installation and works by combining the functionality of the Internet, with a conventional phone into one single service that requires support. Rather than having to use conventional switching and fiber optic alternatives like the traditional phone companies, VoIP uses a broadband Internet connection for routing telephone calls, creating higher efficiency and lower cost for communication companies.

Traditional telephone networks usually offer a flat monthly fee for local calls, but also charge a per-minute rate for long distance calls, but that has the potential to become expensive for a small business. With DoubleHorn’s IPOne service package, customers will still have one monthly fee but will not be charged the per-minute rate for a long distance call.

DoubleHorn’s IPOne service package combines all of the telephone and Internet features into one low monthly fee. Having the VoIP and high-speed Internet bundled into one with DoubleHorn you can save up to 50 percent over an alternative solution.

The hosted VoIP service also provides all of the same features, (voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding and more) but doesn’t include the extra charges for those features like other companies. The IPOne package comes with no extra charges or hidden maintenance fees.