Google Releases Android App to Help Users Better Manage the Public Cloud

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In recent years, countless companies and individuals have embraced cloud-based programs as a method of storing and sharing their information. The reasons for this are clear: the cloud offers numerous benefits, including an affordable cost, reduced space, and easy accessibility. However, the security of these programs is often questionable, especially when it comes to sensitive information being stored by companies and organizations. For this reason, many businesses invest in cloud assessment services and cloud brokerage services to help keep their information safe. Now, with Google announcing plans to release a new Android app for monitoring cloud infrastructure, which will reportedly be followed by a program for iOS, it seems that individuals will soon be able to perform simple cloud security assessments themselves.

Over the course of the past few months, Google has released several tools that allow users to monitor its public cloud, beginning with its acquisition of Stackdriver in 2014. Now, an app for Android is available in the Google Play Store, and a version for iOS is expected to follow shortly. Called Cloud Console, the Android version allows users to view an estimate of the amount of money being spent on the Google Cloud Platform that month. It also displays charts on network performance, the status of compute instances an application is using and lets developers communicate about various problems affecting an app.

Nutanix + Google: Web giant Google announced the beginning of a strategic partnership with Nutanix and will be moving towards streamlined hybrid deployments that consist of a mix of on-premise systems and cloud-based applications and storage.

So far, it seems that the new apps are primarily designed for smaller application developers and other modest startups who use Google’s public cloud. Larger companies and those who handle sensitive information will therefore likely still need to hire cloud consultants from cloud brokerage services to ensure that their data is as safe as possible. However, Google’s new app is a clear sign of how integral cloud storage is to modern businesses and individuals: for example, 52% of organizations have updated their existing cloud services or plan to in the next 12 months, while around 48% of the enterprise respondents are planning to adopt hybrid cloud systems and services in the near future. For these reasons, it is no surprise that experts predict that the global market for cloud equipment will reach $79.1 billion by 2018. Google’s app may be a relatively small, specific change in the huge industry of cloud broker services, but it can’t be denied that the company is forward-thinking, and has likely helped a number of small developers better manage their data.

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