Four Ways MPLS Can Benefit Your Business

Drew Bixby
Read Time: 1 minute

If you read our last blog “What is MPLS and How Can it Help My Business,” you probably have a better understanding of how MPLS networks actually work. You might have even gotten some ideas on how they can benefit your business. But now we are going to take a minute to dive into how a MPLS service can really benefit your company’s bottom line.

Quality of ServiceMPLS networks provide a higher standard of service for voice quality, reliability and speed, because the network is able to assign priorities to different packets based on the description of each label. Packets with higher levels of priority also help to expand bandwidth allocation.

Security:  It goes without saying that security is at the top of mind for companies moving to IP networks. MPLS provides organizations with secure protocols and the proper forms of encryption to ensure that their data is secure and protected at all times.

Faster Restoration: Whether a natural disaster or something as minor as a power outage occurs, downtime is not only a loss of productivity for organizations but also a loss of revenue. If your connection is disrupted, MPLS networks can restore your connection much faster than a typical network.

Around the Clock MonitoringMPLS networks are pro-actively monitored and managed at all times, building on the reliability and security that the service offers.