DoubleHorn’s Hybrid Cloud Gateway

Drew Bixby
Read Time: 2 minutes

Many enterprises are already much invested in onsite infrastructure for data storage and backup. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) both face risks of lost data due to fire, natural disasters and other unpredictable events. Storing data off site provides peace of mind by ensuring that data is secure, backed up and available.

For those companies that have not yet made the transition to cloud-based data storage and backup, DoubleHorn offers a very flexible and unique solution. The IPOne Hybrid Cloud Gateway is unique in the sense that the customers data resides on “their” premises and is stored within a secure, high-performance DoubleHorn managed appliance where it can be readily and quickly accessed at anytime. The safety measure begins here: At pre-determined intervals (usually after normal business hours), either some or all of the data is migrated over a standard internet connection to a secure cloud environment managed by DoubleHorn.

DoubleHorn’s CEO Tab Schadt said “With IPOne Hybrid Cloud Gateway we’re taking advantage of the public cloud to give SME’s a private cloud-like experience”.

We to listen to the customer — they will tell you exactly what their needs are. That is precisely what we have done here. Of course we offer all the features that come along with a private cloud. However there is a demand for flexibility when it comes to storing data. We are tailoring this product to fit our clients exact needs which will allow not only peace of mind but will easily scale when needed.

There are many key benefits to this hybrid solution. Your data is managed exclusively by tier 3 engineers, ensuring the best possible support. It provides a robust backup/restore solution that can handle extremely large jobs nightly and weekly (7 Gb / 500 Gb). With  faster backup speeds this solution requires minimal bandwidth. It also stabilizes IT operations for further application migrations to the cloud and much more.

The move to the cloud is today’s game changing innovation. It offers the promise of making IT management faster, cheaper and more agile.

IPOne Hybrid Cloud Gateway is immediately available by contacting DoubleHorn at or 855.61.VOICE (86243).

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