DoubleHorn E-Rate Solution

Drew Bixby
Read Time: 2 minutes

DoubleHorn has been designated an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) for the Universal Service Fund (E-Rate) by the Texas Public Utility Commission and the Federal Communications Commission. What does that mean for your organization? Deep discounts to our portfolio of communications and cloud storage technology.

DoubleHorn can bundle services tailored to what your organization needs. The E-Rate Services options include all the communications capabilities needed to enable schools and libraries to rapidly provision services. Additions and changes are simple using the web-based MyDoubleHorn Portal, providing total control over the full range of services we offer. Our products and services easily integrate with your existing infrastructure and can accommodate the changing needs of your school district, teachers and students.

All types of libraries – public, school and academic – need affordable “big pipe” broadband connectivity to meet the ever-increasing needs of library users and students alike. Reliable and fast internet connectivity is essential to students and staff as an educational tool for research and information. DoubleHorn can provide the needed bandwidth to operate the institution smoothly and effectively.

DoubleHorn is uniquely positioned to help education leaders find ways to simplify the management and cost of their IT infrastructures, applications and telecommunication and data storage options. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

Voice services

  • Local phone number for each location
  • Unlimited calling and SIP trunking
  • Hosted PBX and mobility features

Messaging applications

  • Voicemail to email
  • Fax to email
  • Conferencing
  • Call recording
  • Document and calendar sharing

Network and IT services

  • Managed broadband and metro Ethernet
  • VPN, firewall, and managed router
  • Data backup and recovery

E-Rate Services provide a way for schools of any size to quickly ramp up new capabilities while minimizing the need for a large support structure. This enables the education system to focus on what’s important — developing students.

Schools are exploring ways to integrate rich digital content, social media, and interactive learning platforms and DoubleHorn has the technology and know how to provide just this, including video capability and collaboration within the classroom.

DoubleHorn works directly with educators and key partners to develop the best tools and resources that enable personalized learning inside and outside of the classroom walls. DoubleHorn provides educational technology solutions that support next-generation learning environments and drive successful student outcomes.

With DoubleHorn communications you can feel confident that your organization has the most up to date technology for students and staff.  Contact DoubleHorn to find out what technology you can take advantage of today with the best E-Rate pricing available.