Don’t Spend Your Holiday Time In the Office

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The business-class features a VoIP phone system help companies communicate fast-changing adjustments to holiday schedules—without missing out on holidays or festivities. Being able to update your auto attendant and voicemail messages from anywhere come in handy, not only during the holidays but also throughout the year. Suppose you were unexpectedly held up at the airport and were not able to make it to the office until Tuesday. It’s really helpful to change the outgoing voice message remotely. DoubleHorn offers this helpful solution.

The Panasonic TGP 550 is on the cutting edge of business voice communication technology. This device is extremely flexible and very beneficial to any and every business.

Call forwarding rules help many organizations handle peak-demand times of the year. You never want to miss a prospective customer’s call. Being able to easily control call forwarding allows you to be away from the office without missing business opportunities. Additionally, if you have to place an outgoing call to a customer, the number shown will be the official number so it looks like a business call from your office instead of a personal call from a mobile phone.

It is expensive to add phone lines and handsets through the regular phone company. VoIP systems are very simple: you just get more phones and plug them in and pay for the number of extensions needed. When your staffing needs increase, it’s simple and quick to add extensions cost-effectively. For your organization, it’s a win-win, because you get better phone features, a better phone system and there is no capital investment when you sign a contract with DoubleHorn because we include the use of the phone equipment in your monthly bill. We’ve taken on the burden of the capital expense of the phones so you don’t have to.

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