Different IaaS Providers – An Overview

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Part 5/5 of blog series on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

Having discussed at length about the benefits of IaaS in our previous blogs, we will, this time, discuss the various service providers and the offerings they provide. The leading service providers of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google cloud platform, IBM SmartCloud, Rackspace, CenturyLink, and Terremark. We will look into each of them in detail. The major points we will evaluate is the service offerings and the support services offered by these vendors.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a major vendor and offers a wide range of services that suite several industries. AWS offers a comprehensive set of cloud computing services that enable you to build scalable, sophisticated suite of applications. AWS facilitates speedy access to low-cost, flexible and on-demand delivery of IT resources. The offerings are delivered through internet and are offered on a pay-as-you-go pricing. Wide range of industries such as media, insurance, financial services, healthcare, education, retail, public and real estate among others utilize the services of AWS. The company’s offerings are designed to facilitate your shifting of valuable resources to other innovative projects from data center investments. Leading research firm Gartner puts AWS in the Leaders Quadrant of the new magic quadrant for Cloud IaaS (May 2014). DoubleHorn partners with AWS to offer a whole suite of offerings that assure of peace of mind. The suite of services offered include AWS’s full catalog of Cloud Services, including:

  • Compute & Networking
  • Storage & CDN
  • Database
  • Application Services
  • Deployment Services

The support services offered by DoubleHorn Include standard support and optional technical services as well.


Rackspace is also a niche player according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for cloud IaaS and is a promising company that is built on open-source technologies. In association with DoubleHorn’s expertise, Rackspace allows you to create the infrastructure that assures you of very high performance. Rackspace cloud is powered by OpenStack and is optimized for open technologies. DoubleHorn, having understood the benefits offered by Rackspace identifies your need whether it is dedicated or multi-tenant, whether hosted in our data center or yours and whether it is bare metal or virtual. Given that the offering is powered by open technologies, you can stay in control of your data and can scale and innovate faster when compared to a proprietary cloud. The service offerings include Rackspace’s full catalog of Cloud Services including:

  • Cloud Server
  • Cloud Sites
  • Cloud Files
  • Cloud Block Storage
  • Cloud Database
  • Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Load Balancers
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Cloud DNS
  • Mobile Stacks


Verizon is an exceedingly well-performing cloud vendor and is identified as a visionary in the Magic Quadrant for cloud IaaS by Gartner. Verizon offers superior reliability and performance coupled with exceptional efficiency and value for developing your application upfront. The company developed its cloud architecture from the ground up with an intention of eliminating compromise for customers. Coupled with DoubleHorn’s capabilities, Verizon Cloud gives you more control over performance profiles of all the virtual machines. Verizon tailors its offerings to suit your individual requirement and also offers a simple procedure to scale up or down the services easily as per your requirement. The offerings include Verizon’s full catalog of Cloud Services, including:

  • vCloud Express
  • Enterprise Cloud (CloudSwitch)
  • Enterprise Cloud Managed Edition
  • Enterprise Cloud Private Edition

Google Cloud Platform

Google ranks among the visionaries in the Magic Quadrant for cloud IaaS vendors by Gartner (May 2014). The cloud platform offered by Google is a culmination of modular cloud-based services that empower you to create rather everything starting from a simple website to very complex applications. You can leverage the Google’s platform to manage your storage, database and application servers thereby eliminating the hassle of administrating the system and can focus on other important tasks at hand. The scalability of the service offering is a major advantage with Google’s platform. DoubleHorn, being a Google partner offers you the same infrastructure that Google uses to build your applications. The service offerings include:

  • Compute Engine
  • Cloud Storage
  • BigQuery
  • CloudSQL

IBM SmartCloud

IBM is also a major vendor in the Cloud IaaS market. IBM SmartCloud is synonymous with business growth. IBM SmartCloud offers trust and security, is accessible on mobile and is extremely flexible. Building cloud applications that drive innovation is facilitated by IBM SmartCloud and the pay-for-use structure enables you to cut down on significant costs associated with buying and maintaining IT infrastructure. With IBM your CAPEX are shifted to OPEX. IBM SmartCloud, dubbed as a visionary in the Magic Quadrant for IaaS (May 2014), coupled with DoubleHorn’s expertise empowers your IT team to increase productivity by maximizing resource utilization. The range of services offered includes IBM’s full catalog of Cloud Services, including:

  • Softlayer – Commodity Cloud Services
  • IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

No matter what combination of cloud service providers is right for your business, DoubleHorn is the Cloud Services Broker that delivers value without compromise. DoubleHorn is a leading cloud-based Managed Services Provider, founded in January 2005 and based in Austin, TX. We specialize in delivering Cloud Services, Managed Communications, and Consulting to the Enterprise, Government and SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) sectors. If you are new to the cloud or if you want to start saving on your current Cloud projects, contact us for a FREE initial assessment at solutions@doublehorn.com or (855) 61-VOICE.