Design Custom Cloud Solutions with a Multi-Cloud Management Portal

Drew Bixby
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Many IT professionals know that the time (and the price) is right to move their organization’s data infrastructure into the cloud. Unfortunately, not all IT decision-makers know the best way to make this move. Its been more than a decade since cloud computing exploded onto the tech scene, but questions like “Which provider is best?” and “What services will I need?” are still common and not easily answered without a good amount of cloud experience. Thankfully, Multi-Cloud Management Platforms, backed by the expertise of Cloud Services Brokers, provide the knowledge and guidance necessary to make this transition into the cloud.

Multi-Cloud Management Portals

As discussed in last week’s blog post, “Top Five Features of a Multi-Cloud Management Platform”, a multi-cloud management (MCM) platform is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) application that enables users to manage workloads and applications across all cloud deployment models. MCM platforms allow users to design new cloud solutions for a variety of use cases, compare suitable offerings from different providers, purchase, and provision new services, monitor existing services, and finally, optimize the utilization and cost of their cloud services.

Design Custom Cloud Solutions

The first, and arguably the most in-demand, of these features is the ability to custom design new cloud solutions. There are plenty of software solutions out there for monitoring existing cloud services, but today’s cloud users demand more than simply the ability to monitor their services. Discerning users want MCM platforms that are “one-stop solutions”, able to take them all the way from idea to deployment, even to termination. Knowing that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” cloud solution, the right MCM platform should act as a personal cloud expert, guiding users step-by-step through common cloud use cases in order to create custom-tailored cloud solutions designed specifically for their unique requirements.

Full-featured MCM platforms use simple questionnaires to learn the user’s specific needs: from compliance standards to database requirements, to encryption and more. Once the application has asked all the necessary questions, it shows a selection of appropriate services from different cloud providers. The MCM platform will also provide a high-level architectural diagram of the custom cloud solution it decides on.

Empower Your Organization

This ability to custom design new cloud solutions is one of the main features that sets multi-cloud management platforms apart from their more rudimentary counterparts. Full-featured, self-service portals like this empower users and businesses to make the best possible cloud choices to meet their goals. Since MCM platforms design solutions across multiple providers, organizations can be confident they aren’t getting biased advice and can effortlessly avoid the costly effects of vendor lock-in. DoubleHorn is poised to release its own multi-cloud management platform, BetterClouds, in the coming months. BetterClouds offers advanced design, compare and purchasing features, as well as the ability to monitor services, pay and view bills, and optimize service cost using predictive analytics.

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