Customer Testimonials

Bernard Luksich
Executive Director, Mehta Family Foundation
The DoubleHorn Support Team is a standout in the industry. They took their time and helped us through a very complex and frustrating issue. We went through a number of twists and turns on our side and the DoubleHorn team was there guiding us every step of the way. Their ideas during this trouble shooting effort were well thought out and very helpful on our end. Thanks again for the great support!


Chuck Granberry
Operations Manager, UControl
Doublehorn definitely understands the problems we’ve experienced with the older equipment from our last provider. They were on target to make sure that we did not have those same problems with our new, DoubleHorn, system. And they’ve been right on—since we’ve been using them, we’ve had no problems.
The main benefit for us in switching to Voice over IP has been the cost savings in comparison to traditional phone lines, because within our organization, things can change so fast that we never know if we need 20 lines or 200. The good thing in working with DoubleHorn is that we can add and change our plan overnight to accommodate our growing needs.
DoubleHorn has allowed us to grow our business without having to grow our telephone expense, and that’s been nice. They have allowed us to focus on our core business, which is software, and not on worrying about our telephone solutions provider.


Amy Mills
CEO, Emancipet
As the CEO of Emancipet, I am excited by the value DoubleHorn brings to our important work to provide affordable spay, neuter and basic veterinary services. I’m especially impressed with the personal attention Tab provides and the manner in which his staff goes above and beyond to understand our current systems. I look forward to continuing work with the DoubleHorn team to create a cloud-based system to support my staff with their important work.