Customer Service in the age of agility

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Mastering customer experience is the key to success in today’s marketplace. But, it is not easy to win the customer service battle. Competition is tough, customer expectations are higher and technologies are changing rapidly. You need to have an agile system in place to take the customer service experience to a whole new level.

In this post, we will tell you how the cloud can power that agility.

Today’s customers are highly demanding, socially engaged and use multiple devices. These better informed, networked and empowered customers will not settle for a single level engagement offered through a toll-free number or an email address.

A recent report by Harris Interactive suggests that millennial generation of customers lack a strong sense of brand loyalty. It indicates that notwithstanding their history with the brand, more than half of the US adults are somewhat likely to switch loyalty to another company if they are not happy with the service options of one company. They prefer companies that offer a personalized experience and more options to connect with them.

High performance and multi-channel connectivity

If you want to cultivate customer loyalty, you need to look at efficient, flexible and high-performance solutions that can offer delightful service experience. Cloud-based contact center management solutions make this possible.

By moving customer service management to the cloud, you can transform your entire contact center and the way your company approaches a customer. Cloud-based contact center solutions can open up multiple service channels and deeper levels of engagement with customers.

In a world powered by multi-devices and dominated by social media, you should be willing to engage with customers on their terms. This means, moving away from voice-centric model to multi-level web-based systems, which will enable you to connect with customers through various social media channels.

The cloud-based contact center can provide agents with easy access to customers and contextual information. In addition, cloud-based customer service solutions can offer real-time information on call center performance to service managers. This, in turn, will enhance efficiency as managers will be able to reallocate resources and reroute calls whenever necessary.

Easy scalability

Scaling up/down services will be easier in the cloud. Cloud makes it easier and faster for customers to engage with live agents and escalate emergencies without any delay.

During the festive season, for instance, the cloud-based contact center can help you handle more calls without affecting the quality of service. Cloud-solution will help you to be one step ahead of your customer expectations in a demanding marketplace.

Cloud-based customer service solutions are especially useful to small companies, which does not have the time, resources and money to operate a call center that can handle multiple channels of service. Cloud service can help handle the large increase in volume on a variety of platforms and incorporate appropriate self-service options or leverage employees with specialized skills to better serve customer needs. As and when the company expands, the cloud can offer to add new channels or services in real time.

Whether it is a capability related to call center, an analytics application, or web-based user apps, add-ons can be incredibly valuable to a business. But add-ons can sometimes become tricky if you fail to integrate them with the existing systems. A reliable cloud service partner can help you choose a cloud-based platform that can provide you the flexibility to scale up and grow with evolving channels and respond to changing customer demands.

Easy on the Pocket

Cloud is a cost-efficient technology. It can give you the technical advantages that an on-premises system will never be able to provide, that too at a fraction of the cost. With the cloud in place, you do not have to bother about infrastructure management and purchasing new software or hardware updates.

Perhaps, the greatest advantage of the cloud-based contact center is the seamless connectivity and engagement it can offer even in the face of a disaster. Cloud can help reallocate resources and reroute calls without any delay. If you are operating in a segment related to critical care, hospitality or government services, connecting with the customers and addressing their needs are of paramount importance in the wake of a natural disaster. Thanks to the cloud, you will be able to shift calls to another center in a different geographical location, without any compromise on service quality levels.

With its flexibility, low cost and secure data infrastructure, cloud-based customer service solutions can provide the much-needed competitive advantage to any business.

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