Compare Services Across Providers with Multi-Cloud Management Platforms

Drew Bixby
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The world of cloud computing has rapidly grown into a vast ecosystem. According to Gartner, this growth shows no signs of stopping. Today, a growing number of cloud providers offer a variety of different solutions for virtually every IT need imaginable. While this wealth of choices is certainly a good thing, it also means that professionals interested in transferring some or all of their organization’s data infrastructure to the cloud can quickly be overwhelmed with options. Which cloud provider is cheapest for corporate backup and recovery? Who offers the best governmental compliance options? Is AWS better than IBM Softlayer for failover environments? These questions can be difficult to answer without lots of research and experience. Thankfully, multi-cloud management (MCM) platforms have simplified the process of comparing and choosing cloud services.

Readers who have been following our ongoing blog series on MCM platforms know that they are SaaS applications which, from a single unified portal, enable users to manage cloud workloads and applications across all deployment models (public, private, and hybrid) and a variety of different service providers. MCM platforms offer a variety of different features to empower users like cost optimization, real-time monitoring, and custom report generation. One of the most useful MCM features (and one of the most valuable to those new to the cloud) is the ability to compare suitable solutions side-by-side from different cloud providers.

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The compare feature of multi-cloud management platforms eliminates the need for cloud adopters to shop and compare cloud services between providers independently. What used to require tedious, back and forth internet shopping between multiple provider’s websites has been streamlined into a single, unified marketplace. In this cloud marketplace, users can browse cloud offerings from a number of different providers, compare them based on cost and performance, and finally purchase and provision these services. When users are limited to shopping options from just a single provider, they often aren’t presented with the best possible choice for their business goals. Even those experienced with the cloud may not realize they are significantly overspending on their services. A unified marketplace makes all of the options easily visible, empowering users to make the most informed decision possible about their cloud services.

Many who have shopped for cloud services know that different providers often use different pricing models. This means that comparing services between providers can sometimes seem like an “apples to oranges” comparison. Fortunately, MCM platforms reconcile differences in pricing models, allowing users to easily compare the expected costs of different services over time. Whether organizations are trying to cut costs, increase service performance, or improve their budget accuracy, the comparison features of MCM platforms, like DoubleHorn’s own BetterClouds, can greatly assist in all of these goals.

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