Cloud Services Brokers Are Tired Of Explaining These 5 Simple Facts

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Cloud Services Brokers Are Tired Of Explaining These 5 Simple Facts

In just a single decade, the Internet has taken over over lives, changing the way we work, the way we live, and even the way we date. Computing technology has changed so much, so quickly, that it’s easy to take it for granted. But if you think back to the turn of the millennium, you might wonder how anything got done with the dial-up Internet.

When it comes to the ways we back up and transfer our files — from precious family photos to top-secret company data — storage technology has progressed at the speed of light. And that’s not figurative speech, thanks to fiber optic cables. So if you need a reminder just how far we’ve come, here are two simple words: floppy disk.

Now, virtually all consumers, governments, and corporations rely on cloud computing. But as with all new technologies that the public doesn’t fully understand, some consumers are wary of this high-tech innovation. Here’s what cloud services brokers and cloud consulting companies really, really wish consumers understood about this exciting technology:

  • This Cloud Was Made For You And Me: Whether you realize it or not, chances are you already rely on mobile cloud services on a daily basis. If you’ve ever checked your email outside of your home, then you’re using the cloud. And this useful technology is here to stay.
  • The Cloud Saves You Money: The U.S. government, plus state and local governments, have fully embraced the cloud. And thanks to cloud computing, the government predicts it will reduce data-related infrastructure by 30% in coming years.
  • The U.S. Depends On The Cloud: According to the International Data Corporation, public cloud spending will jump from $40 billion this year to $100 billion in 2016. Using cloud storage and mobile cloud services, all levels of government can more effectively manage and store vital information. And in the private sector, more than a third (35%) of all IT services are now cloud-based.
  • It’s Getting Better All The Time: After a disgusting, illegal celebrity photo leak, some consumers questioned the security of the cloud, and companies ran cloud security assessments in a hurry. The photo hack relied on a simple password reset, a hacking tool that happens in the cloud as well. Cloud brokerage services estimate the global market for cloud-based equipment will reach $79.1 billion in 2018, and cloud-based security spending will reach $8.71 billion by 2019. That means your data is getting more secure every day.
  • Smarter Smartphones: If you feel addicted to your smartphone, then be grateful for mobile cloud services, which make so many of your favorite features and apps possible. Without mobile cloud services, every time you lost or broke a phone, you would lose every picture you’ve ever taken.

And the list goes on… In short, cloud technology is an integral part of our daily lives. If your company isn’t already making the upgrade to cloud-based storage and IT services, then you’ve already fallen behind. In 2015, 57% of companies say they use private or mobile cloud services. So if you’re interested in making the upgrade, contact cloud brokerage services that can answer any questions you might have about the process.

Because if you aren’t taking advantage of the cloud, then you might as well still be using floppy disks.

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