Cloud Services Brokerage

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Moving your organization’s data to the cloud may seem like a huge time investment, yet most enterprises are realizing it is a necessity. Not only will it increase productivity but it also ensures security and anytime access to sensitive data. Cloud Services Brokerages (or CSBs) are still relatively new, but they are becoming ever more popular with many companies that have a great amount of data to be stored, secured and accessed from anywhere over the internet.

CSBs can prove to be invaluable. Instead of spending time and money to address any problems that may arise internally, customers can leverage solutions offered by CSBs that allow them to focus on growing the business instead of managing the technology. The broker works with the customer to understand work processes, provisioning needs, budgeting and data management requirements.  A proper CSB will make the migration to the cloud process cost-effective, safe, easy, and much more productive for companies to integrate, navigate, consume and extend cloud services, particularly when the migration spans multiple cloud services providers.

Many types of organizations are moving to the cloud, including small and medium businesses and local, state and federal government. They all have data security concerns for which a reliable CSB can address and plan. CSBs are enabling such organizations to store and easily access information securely and efficiently while at the same time-saving money and sparing internal resources.

5 benefits of a Cloud Services Brokerage:

  1. Will advocate on the customer’s behalf to choose the cloud provider based on the type of service, SLA, cost and other specified parameters
  2. Reduces complexities for internal staff
  3. Integrates cloud services into business processes
  4. Reduces security risks by taking care of authentication, authorization and access control
  5. Reduces operational issues by providing one point of contact for technical support, automation, and billing

Effective cloud management not only requires technical expertise, but also the business savvy necessary to negotiate the best deals and relationships between cloud consumers and cloud providers. This specialized knowledge, as well as access to the latest cloud management tools and services, will make the cloud broker a strategic partner for companies that want to use the cloud (broadly defined) to its full advantage — especially as a wave of new cloud services come to market and the environment becomes still more heterogeneous.

A CSB is the aggregation functions amongst cloud providers while adding value and reducing complexities and risks to enhance cloud computing adoption. Cloud computing brokerage is believed to become the single largest cloud service by 2015.

So whether you rely on an external CSB or seek to develop your own in-house brokerage, it’s extremely important to recognize that CSBs have to be part of your company’s cloud equation for the maximum result. If not, the benefits you realize from moving services outside the organization will more than likely be hampered by the mess created inside.

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