Cloud Services Brokerage mitigates Enterprises risks

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With cloud services becoming popular among enterprises, cloud services brokerage has become an essential business service. Cloud service brokers (CSBs) help reduce risks and enhance interoperability of cloud services for their customers.

Cloud services brokerage works as an intermediary between a cloud service provider and enterprise customers. Cloud brokers can negotiate and offer discounted pricing, standard customization management, governance, and security service.

Gartner expects most customers of cloud computing services to rely on cloud brokers to handle various service offerings by 2015. Enterprise customers prefer to work with cloud brokers as they can help ensure safety and security in the cloud. According to Markets and Markets, the global Cloud Service Brokerage Market is likely to touch $19.6 billion by 2020 from $5.24 billion in 2015, recording a compound annual growth rate of 29.6%.

How CSBs help enterprises

CSBs can help enterprise customers choose the right cloud services from a plethora of options available in the market. They can ensure that the services provide the best performance, reliability, and cost efficiency.

CSBs can club services from multiple cloud providers and customize it or offer an entirely different service according to the business requirements of an enterprise. While the CSBs take care of the complexity involved in such technological processes, customers get to enjoy the benefits of a common billing platform and interoperability between various services in the cloud.

Security and compliance

Customers adopting cloud services want to ensure that it complies with their certification requirements. Another point of concern among the customers is the security practices and its corresponding implementation.

Cloud services brokerage can help address these concerns. CSBs can help monitor and offer remedial measures for any security threats in the cloud before they hit the network. These measures are extremely helpful for small and medium enterprises as most of them may not have the expertise and require manpower to address and manage security threats in the cloud.

Besides, cloud service brokers will help customers negotiate with third-party security providers to offer customized solutions for managing security. CSBs can also help ensure that the cloud services meet the regulatory compliance requirements. They can help customers choose the right services without incurring any additional compliance-related costs.

Internal IT Vs external CSBs

An IT department of an enterprise can also act as an intermediary between business groups and cloud service providers. Many organizations are overhauling their traditional IT departments and making it a service-oriented business that can offer a consumer-like shopping experience for the technological solution.

So, why should an enterprise customer utilize an outside organization to negotiate and manage cloud service providers?

While the IT department of an organization is well-suited to understand the business objectives of an organization, often it lacks the power to negotiate for a cost-effective deal. A cloud broker, on the other hand, can combine the buying power of multiple enterprises. As a broker deals with multiple clients, it can aggregate pricing and bring down the overall cost of a cloud solution. Cloud providers are also happy to offer a better deal for CSBs as they bring in more business to them.

It is not an easy task to transform the traditional IT infrastructure. It is a time-consuming process for the IT departments to build internal skills to tap external cloud resources. Manpower development and skill building require considerable investment.

Considering the pace at which the cloud technology is developing, it is better for an enterprise to partner with a CSB so that IT department resources can focus on innovation and core business of a company.

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