Cloud Services Brokerage Integration

Drew Bixby
Read Time: 1 minute

Cloud Services integration brokerage is one of the principal cloud services brokerage roles and is defined by Gartner as a category of outsourcing IT for integrating purposes. The basic premise of cloud computing is to eliminate the technical complexity by offering several solutions as a service and thereby freeing IT staff and reducing IT costs. However, using cloud services for B2B processes and back-office systems requires a high level of integration and coordination, given the inherent interdependencies between them. Additionally, outsourcing these processes to multiple cloud providers entails complexity and would require multiple resources to be deployed to manage.

This complexity has resulted in the development of a new model.(CSB) Cloud service brokerages integration offers services and they manage the complexity of increasingly growing types and numbers of multi-enterprise integrations. This kind of integration of services further unleashes the power of the cloud in delivering new and innovative solutions to the customers. Cloud services integration buffers your organization from the technical complexity of interacting with multiple cloud service providers and simplifies the onboarding and use of cloud services. By consolidating various cloud services into a single connection, an integration broker helps you ease the use of cloud solutions while at the same time providing the additional advantage of normalizing, customizing, aggregating and enhancing the value of your cloud implementation.

Another advantage of an integration broker is that they offer tailored services that allow transformation of data depending on the business requirements of an organization. The role of cloud integration providers is gaining immense importance in the recent times, and their services are being increasingly incorporated into several IT services, including application services, system integration, B2B commerce and business process utility and outsourcing (BPU/BPO).

In a nutshell, cloud integration brokerages:

  • Have a direct contractual relationship with consumers
  • Leverage and retain intellectual property to avoid random solutions
  • Broker at least one cloud service
  • Add value to an existing service
  • Aggregate multiple cloud services to eliminate technical complexity
  • Needn’t necessarily have a contract with service providers
  • Provide data management and integration services between on-premise applications and various cloud services.