Cloud Services Brokerage: Because Police Deserve Low-Cost Body Camera Solutions

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There are two sides to every issue, or so they say. When it comes to police body-worn cameras, there are more like 20 sides. Many believe our men and women in blue already face undue scrutiny while they perform a dangerous public service. However, advocates of body cameras, including many law enforcement agencies, believe that body cameras keep police officers safe.

In two separate cases this summer, Texas police officers were vindicated after their body cameras revealed beyond doubt that they used justified force. This July in Palestine, Texas, body camera footage clearly showed that police had no choice but to use lethal force after a suspect pulled a gun. In August, a police dash camera showed an officer seemingly pulling his gun during a routine traffic stop for no reason. But the body camera showed the real story — the officer spotted a gun inside the car. And Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones said that footage was essential in protecting his officer.

“If officer Wheeler would have shot the gentleman and all we had was our dash-car video, there would have been an outrage that officer Wheeler shot this unarmed man unjustly,” Jones said.

Introducing the First Cloud-Based, End to End Body Camera Services

Law enforcement agencies around the country want to create body camera programs, but they face tight budgets. They need low-cost body camera solutions.

That’s why cloud services brokerage firm DoubleHorn has created the first of its kind Digital Evidence Management System. The cloud services brokerage model allows us to provide public organizations with a choice of cloud services from the biggest players in the industry. And as a cloud brokerage firm specializing in security and compliance, we can offer the most secure, low-cost cloud services available. Our new body camera services use the same model.

It’s simply not possible for most police departments to fund on-premises storage for video data. But because of the sensitive nature of this evidence, many agencies are wary of cloud computing solutions. That’s where our expertise in government cloud security and compliance comes into play, to give police low-cost body camera solutions.

DoubleHorn launches first end-to-end, Cloud-enabled police body Camera system to help law enforcement authorities body camera programs more efficient and affordable.

Unique Body Camera Services: How It Works…

Our cloud brokers help agencies select the right camera provider, then develop a custom content management system. We also help develop on-site or cloud-based data storage. Our experience in cloud security assessments ensures the data storage meets all compliance regulations. Finally, our cloud consultants configure the network and provide ongoing support.

This end-to-end system makes body-worn cameras more accessible to police departments that aren’t willing to waste a penny of taxpayer money. It is an all around low-cost body camera solutions.

Full-Service Cloud Services Brokerage for Law Enforcement

There’s a reason the International Data Corporation projects public cloud spending to reach $100 billion in 2016. It’s the same reason the federal government plans to reduce data center spending by 30%, simply by migrating to the cloud. It’s because cloud computing reduces bloated IT budgets. That’s why 35% of all IT services are delivered by the cloud in 2015.

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