Added End-to-End Cloud Security For Your Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Security Services

Keep your data secure in the cloud with our hybrid cloud security assessments. Optimize and monitor your current infrastructure with our unified customer portal with a detailed summary of your full lifecycle management and current workloads. This includes anomaly reporting, pattern detection, and exhaustion prediction. Our data-driven analysis provides you with the best objectives and recommendations for your cloud infrastructure security. Learn more about our CX customer portal.

Added End-to-End Security For Your Cloud Infrastructure

Added End-to-End Security For Your Cloud Infrastructure

AWS, AZURE, and Google Cloud subscribers can engage DoubleHorn to monitor their Public Cloud infrastructure and provide alerting and notification when threats are detected and pre-defined performance thresholds are triggered. We provide a state of the art security solution that scales to both the on-prem enterprise and public cloud and provides 24 x 7 x 365 full-stack IDS monitoring with a dedicated engineer assigned to your account.

All of our monitoring solutions can be customized to your needs and are 100% compliant with the most common compliance and regulatory requirements.

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    Rely on expert security monitoring and actionable intelligence that separates the real threats from the noise. We will help you assess security and risk tolerance and determine the right level of security for your cloud ambitions.


    Our data protection solutions determine the right data to migrate. We provide balanced, protective measures required to enable growth in any cloud model while keeping within established risk tolerances.


    Customized data-driven reports, alerts, and visualization tools help you identify emergent issues. Gain visibility to ensure high quality for your organization by measuring benchmarks on progress, adoption, and complexity.

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