Monitor The Performance And Overall Health of Your Cloud Infrastructure for Better Visibility with Cloud Monitoring Services

Cloud Monitoring Services

Save up to 20% on your hybrid cloud solutions with our CX Portal bill monitoring. DoubleHorn provides billing support for AWS, AZURE, Rackspace and Google Cloud providers are frequently known for their billing – but often not in a good way. Have you ever looked at an itemized bill from Amazon or Azure? then you know that they can be painful to decipher, making it extremely difficult to predict future spend, group consumed resources, or gather meaningful business intelligence related to cloud use. We will provide virtualized monitoring of your cloud performance and current spend utilizing our custom built tools to help you save money.

Gain Visibility, Identify Trends, and Prevent Issues

Gain Visibility, Identify Trends and Prevent Issues

Companies embrace the cloud for scale and agility, yet getting a clear view of performance in cloud environments can be challenging. In order to intelligently manage the complex, ever-changing infrastructure of the cloud, you need a monitoring solution that has the tools to be as dynamic as your cloud. Learn how DoubleHorn Cloud Solutions can help you gain visibility of your cloud infrastructure and spend performance.

For companies running in the public cloud like on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, DoubleHorn will provide virtualized monitoring of your cloud performance and current spend utilizing our custom built tools to look at metrics for cloud entities like regions, instances and by comparing monthly bills of your cloud provider network. Monitoring provides visibility into the performance, uptime and overall health of your cloud instance by collecting metrics, events, and metadata that generates insights into your customer dashboard with graphs and alerts.

DoubleHorn provides monitoring of the performance and cost of your public cloud solution. You can track your current spend utilizing our custom-built tools. These tools look at metrics such as regions, instances, and bills between similar users. Monitoring provides you with insight into things like uptime and health of your cloud instance. We follow your metrics and events closely, using them to generate graphs and alerts about your instance.

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    We provide a detailed summary of your full lifecycle management and current workloads. This includes anomaly reporting, pattern detection, and exhaustion prediction. Your summary clues you into longer-term trends that may require attention.


    Customized data-driven reports, alerts, and visualization tools help you identify emergent issues. Gain visibility by measuring benchmarks on progress, adoption, and complexity.


    Ensure cost optimization of your workloads. Modify configuration and design to combat over-provisioning, data excess, and rogue instances. All these things contribute to high bills.

Our dedicated team will determine the best cloud infrastructure for your company by providing data-driven analytics, cost analysis, bill assumption, security recommendations, and a simplified cloud migration management plan.

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