Cloud Management Platforms for Cloud Services Brokerage

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Cloud has been gaining immense adoption over the past few years, and more and more organizations are increasingly using cloud services from various vendors. The cloud deployments too are transforming at a fast pace and cloud service brokers are increasingly feeling the need to utilize cloud management platforms (CMP) to manage efficiently the various bouquet of services they provide to their clients and excel at cloud services brokerage.

In the quest for achieving the maximum benefit of cloud services, organizations are increasingly using various cloud deployments from various providers hence warranting the need for a management platform that manages the complicated cloud and IT environment. Given the fact that they are increasingly using the services of cloud brokers, they are switching to cloud management platforms to offer a hassle-free and seamless experience to their customers. However, the main challenge lies in choosing the right CMP that suits your business needs and requirements. Especially, if there a multi-cloud environment involved that includes managing private, hybrid and public cloud infrastructure or probably a combination of these. This is precisely where a Cloud Management Platform is required that can manage the complexities while assisting you in achieving the best out of your cloud deployments.

The basic CMP categories include Open source, Infrastructure software stack, Fabric-based infrastructure, Traditional IT operations management and point solutions. Cloud Management Platforms offer many benefits to the users which include streamlining and simplification of hybrid cloud adoption; reduction in management and administration of multi-cloud deployments; mitigation of risk by the provision of financial governance and integrated security; lifecycle management; enhanced control and visibility; better agility; provisioning control and performance monitoring.