Cloud Infrastructure Modeling and Cloud Comparison Pricing Tools for migrating your data to the cloud

Cloud Infrastructure Modeling

The Cloud Modeling Tool allows you to pick a wide variety of cloud services from Compute and Serverless to services for the Internet of Things and after setting configurations like RAM, operating system, vCPU, and regions!

Migrate with Predictability, Transparency, and Governance
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We believe the best approach to the cloud is an informed approach, which is why we provide our customers the Cloud Modeling Tool. The Cloud Modeling Tool has two unique views to compare options on multiple clouds, cost to structure environments, pricing, and a complete view of total cost of ownership (TCO). There are two tools within the Cloud Modeling Tool; Cloud Modeling and Infrastructure Modeling. Both tools allow us to give you the most in-depth look at cloud environments, TCO, and price comparisons.

Infrastructure Modeling allows us to help you configure a cloud environment using your current infrastructure as a guide. Our expert team will work with your organization to quickly and easily import details about your current on-premise environment data into Infrastructure Modeling. From there, the tool gives you a complete picture of migrating your existing on-premise environments to the cloud. Infrastructure Modeling also helps you see your costs savings by optimizing your cloud environment compared to the cost of a straight lift and shift. The Infrastructure Modeling Tool helps you save money and optimize storage usage. 


    Achieve agility and improve the efficiency of how your data is stored with Infrastructure modeling. Migrate to the cloud knowing your data is optimized and your cloud infrastructure and running it at the best possible price.


    Ensure all your cloud resources are accounted for and that your IT department has full visibility and cloud governance is in place. Use the Cloud Modeling Tool to meet stringent compliance requirements based on our industry.


    Ensure cost optimization of your workloads by configuration and design with the Cloud Modeling Tool to combat over-provisioning, data excess, and rogue instances that contribute to higher bills.

Want to know the price comparisons between Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Oracle? Infrastructure Modeling can do that for you! No more wasting days visiting with each provider to collect information.

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