Let our Cloud Engineers Benchmark and Safeguard Your Cloud Environment with Cloud Brokerage

Cloud Brokerage Services

Let our Cloud Engineers Benchmark and Safeguard Your Cloud Environment

What is Cloud Services Brokerage?
DoubleHorn’s Cloud Assessment Services is a cloud infrastructure analysis service providing data-driven analytics, cost analysis, bill assumption, security recommendations and analysis, and simplified cloud migration management.

Our Cloud Service Brokerage adds value to your organization’s use of cloud services. As your broker, we track your billing to keep your spend within budget. DoubleHorn is an authorized reseller for AWS, AWS GovCloud, Azure, Azure Government, Google Cloud Platform and Rackspace. These vendors extend wholesale pricing discounts to us which we, in turn, pass on to you. It’s that simple. For existing cloud customers, DoubleHorn assumes billing responsibility for your account. The configuration of your existing services stays the same. For new cloud customers, DoubleHorn creates the initial subscription, then hands the “keys” over to you. So how much can you save? DoubleHorn Cloud Services Brokerage customers save on average 6% compared to direct pricing from AWS, Azure, and Google.

According to Gartner, Cloud Services Brokerages fulfill three primary roles: Aggregation Brokerage, Customization Brokerage or Integration Brokerage. Most brokerages provide services in one or two of these areas. DoubleHorn provides all three. Aggregation is our primary focus, helping you select the best cloud services to meet your needs. Our years of IT services experience also enables us to help you put in place and customize your selected cloud technologies.

DoubleHorn’s Cloud Services Brokerage experts manage and control all your workloads. Your information is accessible on our custom designed customer portal.


    The portal gives you a simplified accounting of your full lifecycle management and current workload. It also provides you with a single platform where you can interact with multiple cloud products.


    Our proprietary tools provide customized, data-driven reports for your workloads and multi-cloud usage. Gain visibility into your deployment and the ability to measure benchmarks on progress to give you more insight into how your multi-cloud solution works together.


    Our cloud experts give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions with your budget in mind. We show you the configuration errors, excess services, and rogue instances that contribute to higher bills.

Our dedicated team will determine the best cloud infrastructure for your company by providing data-driven analytics, cost analysis, bill assumption, security recommendations, and a simplified cloud migration management plan.

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Our Dedicated team will walk you through the best approach, tailored to your business, customize your migration and identify the steps to get you the maximum use of your cloud services.

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