Consolidated and Intelligent Cloud Billing Services Customized to Meet Your Accounting Requirements

Cloud Billing Services

Consolidated and Intelligent Cloud Billing Services Customized to Meet Your Accounting Requirements

Scale and Consolidate Your Billing

DoubleHorn provides billing support for AWS, AZURE, Rackspace, and Google Cloud. The cloud providers are known for their billing – but not in a good way. Anyone who has ever looked at an itemized bill from Amazon or Azure knows that they can be painful to decipher, making it extremely difficult to predict future spend, group consumed resources, or gather meaningful business intelligence related to Cloud use. Our business is understanding the bills for you so you can focus on your business.

Finally get comfortable with your bill
IT and CIO’s are often surprised and unprepared for the large monthly or annual expenses from cloud providers. What gives them angst is that the total bill can fluctuate wildly up and down (usually up if not managed properly) from month to month. That makes budgeting and cash flow management frustrating at best.

DoubleHorn provides the comfort of knowing someone is watching your spend and providing you the tools to quickly identify the biggest contributors.

First, we review your environment to identify any unique requirements with regards to budget, compliance, security and more.

    If your organization is worried about paying for cloud features that they neither need nor want, DoubleHorn’s billing services help you by monitoring your usage and spend so that you can take advantage of what the cloud has to offer and ensure cost optimization of your workloads and consolidate your bills across multiple cloud environments.


    IDC predicted 85%+ of enterprise IT organizations will commit to multi-cloud architectures by 2018.* Translating the bill from one provider is challenging enough. DoubleHorn makes life easier for financial tracking by providing you with one bill from all the providers.


    Financial folks might enjoy spreadsheets, but not when that involves pulling in hundreds of records and trying to match them to the records from the prior month. We provide tools to quickly show you the changes which matter from month to month to keep you focused on decisions and not the minutia.

Our dedicated team will determine the best cloud infrastructure for your company by providing data-driven analytics, cost analysis, bill assumption, security recommendations, and a simplified cloud migration management plan.

Let Us Help!

Our Dedicated team will walk you through the best approach, tailored to your business, customize your migration and identify the steps to get you the maximum use of your cloud services.

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