Cloud Billing with DoubleHorn’s Customer Experience Portal

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Saving money on your cloud bill can be frustrating. Between fluctuating spend, unexpected costs, and understanding complicated cloud jargon, how does a company manage their cloud bill?

DoubleHorn’s Customer Experience Portal enables companies tobe at ease with their cloud bill. With the user-friendly tools we provide, our Customer Experience Portal gives your business the upper hand on cloud costs savings.

Proactive Notifications and Near Real-Time Costs

Between our proactive notifications and real-time insights, customers will never fall behind on their cloud bill. Our proactive notifications make sure users are well aware of their cloud bill spend changes throughout the month, allowing users to react to fluctuations in their cloud bill, long before they receive their month-end bill. As a result, there’s no need to create complicated spreadsheets orproduce large chartsto find your answers. Our proactive notifications save you time and frustration by identifying any notable changes.

In addition, our Customer Experience Portal provides users with near real-time costs when viewing their cloud activity. At DoubleHorn, we understand that having the knowledge of your cloud bill’s trajectory is essential for your organization’s cash flow. With our near real-time cost analysis tool, organizations are able to make critical business-related decisions based on their cloud bill costs with accuracy.

Cloud Billing Budget Automation

We’ve made cloud bill budgeting easier than ever before. With our automated budget analysis, we do the number crunching for you. Within our Customer Experience Portal, we provide a built-in budgeting platform, saving users time from importing large datasets, data-intensive spreadsheets, and time-intensive manual calculations. Our budgeting platform lets customers set, manage, and adjust their monthly budgets to fit their cloud needs best. After setting their initial monthly budgets, customers can then track their initial cloud spend and check to see whether it’s on forecast with their allotted budget amount.

Users also have the option to lower or raise their budget amount to fit a more realistic or unanticipated cloud bill. As a result, companies and organizations can streamline their financials and accounting practices and in return, increase efficiency and profit.

Cloud Billing Breakdown

Cloud Billing Breakdown

Our customers have a full outlook over their entire bill with our Customer Experience Portal. Users can view and compare their cloud bill costs via product group spend segmentation in addition to individual product spend per month.This helps users know directly what cloud product is causing their monthly bill to rise or fall.With an in-depth breakdown of cloud billing, customers can make executive decisions on the types of cloud products their company needs.

In addition, our Customer Experience Portal’s generated reports are easily digestible for non-cloud experts to understand. Our reports are streamlined to quickly highlight the most important information first, allowing users to go directly to the most useful billing insights. We simplify the cloud jargon and translate our customer’s cloud bill into more business-related terms.

Cloud Billing and Account Consolidation

Our portal is ideal for organizations with several accounts or multi-cloud environments.

“The Customer Experience Portal provides proper management of services and billing activities across a multiple cloud platform,” says Kevin Chen, DoubleHorn Cloud Architect.

Users can consolidate multiple cloud billing accounts into our Customer Experience Portal without having to log into multiple locations to see each account. Instead of feeling unorganized from trying to handle multiple cloud billing accounts, our customers receive just one simple bill which consolidates of all their cloud accounts and includes historical data and downloadable copies of invoices. This allows users to referback to previous month’s dataand make conclusions on their cloud spend based on any trends they see.


In conclusion, managing cloud billing doesn’t have to be a daunting task. DoubleHorn’s Customer Experience Portal provides many useful tools to help organizations streamline their cloud billing obligations. Whether it’s an accounting department looking for better ways to manage their company’s cloud billing or an executive looking for the perfect cloud product to support a new project, DoubleHorn’s Customer Experience Portal is a must have.

As a cloud service brokerage, DoubleHorn offers cloud consultations, billing, and support for any organization looking to migrate to saving money utilizing the cloud. Contact us to learn how you can get started with your cloud migration today.

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