Cloud backup and disaster recovery hold key to business success

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In today’s digital era, when customers are constantly demanding better services, efficient and reliable data backup and recovery solutions hold the key to an enterprise’s success. As no enterprise can afford to lose customers on account of data loss, it has to equip itself with the right technology tools to deal with natural disasters or human error, to ensure business continuity. And, cloud backup and disaster recovery can provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Every enterprise must have a plan for data backup and disaster recovery (DR). While data backup and recovery are inter-linked, these technology solutions are not the same. Data backup is about copying files or documents and hosting them in the cloud. The backup plan offers protection against data loss, theft, and human errors and is the first step towards a complete DR solution.

A full DR solution helps an enterprise access the backed up data and replicate them on the customers’ device screen so that business will be up and running in no time even if a natural disaster or system failure occurs.

A third party service provider can host data in the cloud and offer servers, storage and operating systems that can duplicate the production environment on an enterprise user’s device screen within a particular time frame. A dependable cloud service provider will offer you the right tools and resources for a systematic approach to recovery.

An efficient DR solution can also help you save money by reducing the downtime required for accessing and recovering data. If the downtime goes up, enterprises will lose money as they will not be able to execute transactions and serve customer needs.

A cloud-hosted backup is the easiest solution to access as you do not need to wait for the data to be physically copied. You can gain access to data in the cloud via Internet, and the virtual servers can restore and replicate the entire data system on your device within no time.

It is commercially viable to opt for cloud-based DR as the on-premise backup plan can fail in the face of a natural calamity like hurricane or flood. Cloud-based DR solution can ensure business continuity by helping enterprise users access data from anywhere at any time.

Physical data backup and recovery are expensive and time-consuming. It is also prone to human errors. You may need to install a new server and applications software. You also need standby systems in place. All these additional hardware and software can lead to an escalation in the cost of ownership. Then there is this other danger of an employee failing or forgetting to do the data backup. These are mistakes that can cost an enterprise dearly in an extremely competitive business environment.

Cloud-based DR can help a company mitigate these risks. As disaster recovery and data backup run in a virtual environment, enterprises need not worry about the extra cost of hardware. Also, data backup is done in real time making a recovery is possible within hours.

Cloud-based DR will also help enterprises to meet security and compliance requirements. It is also easily scalable depending on the business needs.

With data recovery and business continuity set to play a crucial role in the success of an enterprise, we expect to see more and more enterprises embracing cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions in the near future.

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