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Cloud Assessments

Receive a complimentary assessment of your companies current infrastructure to kickstart and develop a successful cloud strategy. Our data-driven analysis provides you with the best objectives and recommendations for your cloud infrastructure project. Learn more about our Advisory Services.

What Is a Cloud Assessment?

What Is a Cloud Assessment?

To create the most effective custom cloud solution for your needs, we’ll walk you through a step by step process to assess your organization’s readiness for a cloud transformation. First, we review your environment to identify any unique requirements with regards to budget, compliance, security and more. Then we’ll deliver a comprehensive report with our findings and recommendations for adopting or modifying your existing cloud architecture. Our “Cloud Transformation Methodology” is a proven, systematic method for assessing your organization’s readiness for a cloud transformation by:

  • Providing best practices on cloud migration
  • Comparing the costs of AWS, Microsoft Azure and other public cloud services based on your specific needs
  • Ensuring your cloud computing needs are met
  • Creating an analysis of costs vs. performance within a cloud environment
  • Improving your ROI and spend optimization by maximizing your cloud investments

    We evaluate your current infrastructure to identify any unique requirements with regard to budget, compliance, security and more.


    We gather metrics and analysis regarding your competitors’ Cloud strategy and related technology trends within your industry.


    We will help transition your data, applications, and workloads to your new cloud environment to ensure your information is transferred successfully.

Our dedicated team will determine the best cloud infrastructure for your company by providing data-driven analytics, cost analysis, bill assumption, security recommendations, and a simplified cloud migration management plan.

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Our Dedicated team will walk you through the best approach, tailored to your business, customize your migration and identify the steps to get you the maximum use of your cloud services.