Data-Driven Cloud Analytics to Budget and Strategize your Cloud Infrastructure Today

Cloud Analytics and Benchmarking

Data-Driven Analytics to Budget and Strategize your Cloud Infrastructure Today

Data-driven Cloud Analysis and Planning Services
We review your data storage environment to identify any unique requirements with regards to budget, compliance, security and more.

With DoubleHorn we provide you with metrics and analysis reports regarding your competitors’ Cloud strategy and related technology trends within your industry. By combining public and private data sources with data from DoubleHorn’s Frost & Sullivan certified Cloud Index, we benchmark you against your competitors in the areas of IT and cloud technology. We help you budget and strategize to navigate your growing Cloud footprint with a clear cloud portfolio management strategy.


    We gather data to evaluate your current infrastructure to identify any unique requirements


    Determine the value of the current market and predict future movement with performance and pricing benchmarks of the top cloud providers


    Benchmark your private Cloud services against public Cloud services to give you an objective view of your current spend against market options

Our dedicated team will determine the best cloud infrastructure for your company by providing data-driven analytics, cost analysis, bill assumption, security recommendations, and a simplified cloud migration management plan.

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Our Dedicated team will walk you through the best approach, tailored to your business, customize your migration and identify the steps to get you the maximum use of your cloud services.

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