Choosing the Right Cloud Broker

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With the ubiquity of the cloud services across the world, the organizations are becoming increasingly clear about migrating their applications to the cloud. However, the organizations often find it challenging to identify the right cloud product that can be deployed. It is here the role of a cloud broker comes to the fore and companies are increasingly leaning towards approaching cloud service brokers. Cloud services brokerages (CSB) suggest the best services that suit the individual requirements of the company from an array of available services.

CSBs typically work as middlemen between the service providers and the end-users. However, over the time, CSBs have emerged as those entities that offer not only the choice of cloud services but also offer additional services that support developers too. There are a few points one needs to understand thoroughly before choosing a cloud service broker.

Ascertain the broker understands your business needs

It is important that you pick a Cloud Services Brokerage that understands your business needs and requirements. A clear understanding on the part of the broker about the various project stages such as development, staging, actual production and lifecycle management assumes critical importance. Your organization should be able to define clearly the kind of services required and thoroughly check the service level agreements of the brokerages. The companies also need to ascertain if the Cloud Services Brokerage has the capability of integrating analytics with API requirements. Additionally, the Cloud Services Brokerage should be able to understand your requirements and suggest the best model that suits your organization.

Ascertain the Value-Add proponent

Apart from providing the mediating services between the service providers and the customer, CSBs also need to offer value-added services such as providing enough benefit to developers. Given the extremely competitive scenario, cloud service brokerages are offering other value added services apart from just being able to aid the organizations in procuring the required cloud infrastructure and applications and software. Furthermore, given the fact that the cloud provides unlimited computing capacity, a CSB should be able to guide the organization with the excellent services so that they can plan the workload, carry out cost optimization and ensure that your company is gaining maximum ROI from the investments put in migrating to the cloud.

Ascertain the level of security provided

Perhaps the most important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is the level of security provided. It is of prime importance that the CSB suggest you the best available service providers that mitigate risk to a large extent so that your sensitive and critical information is safe and secure. Additionally, it is always advisable to choose a CSB that integrates well with cloud service providers and your company and ensures your information is safe, and you maximize the ROI.

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