The World’s Biggest Companies Are Looking to the Cloud

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With the world’s biggest companies looking to the Cloud web giants like Amazon and Google are offering more cloud-based products, it should come as no surprise that other technology companies are taking notice and doing the same. Cloud offerings are very profitable (AWS made $3.5B in Q4 2017), and provide a new avenue for businesses looking to expand and modernize their business offerings.

In recent news, IBM has stated that it is expanding it investment in cloud data centers, with the openings of two in the UK, one in Australia, and one in the U.S. This expansion brings the total number of IBM data centers to 60, spread across 19 countries. The reason for the expansion? According to their press release, “IBM is investing to expand its cloud footprint so clients around the world can take advantage of a cloud that is tuned for cognitive and big data workloads while offering flexibility to store data however and wherever they choose.”

And IBM isn’t the only one—Facebook has been steadily increasing the number of its data centers, to keep up with the demands of its users and advertisers. After Facebook reported last month that it now has two billion monthly users, Facebook also announced an expansion of the data center it is building in New Mexico.

Apple also joined the list of companies announcing new data centers in July. The new unit in Denmark will be its second in the European country to run on renewable energy. The iTunes store, Siri, and other online services for European customers will be run out of this data center.

What should smart companies and executives learn from these reports? The future is clearly in the cloud. To manage the volume of data required for modern-day business needs, companies should think strategically about how and where data is being housed. Investing in cloud-based solutions, and ensuring that these are managed and monitored properly, will help ensure success as the world moves ever more digital.

With the advent of big data and connected devices, there’s no denying the fact that cloud is becoming the standard for businesses around the world. Your customers, both internal and external, expect accessibility. Employees expect to be able to work from anywhere; customers, too, anticipate being able to conduct business without visiting a brick-and-mortar establishment or speaking with a representative. No longer are business transactions occurring in face-to-face transactions; purchasing decisions are increasingly being made online, not only at the consumer level but also for enterprise businesses.

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