Big Value Comes in Small Packages – How DoubleHorn Provides Cloud Applications for SMBs

Read Time: 1 minute

DoubleHorn may be a small company, but that doesn’t limit it from offering big value to SMBs through its cloud applications portfolio. Who better to relate to SMBs than a company who understands what it takes to remain a competitive small business in the growing market today? DoubleHorn is more than experienced with working and delivering cloud applications to companies that have fewer than 50 employees. Learn more here.

Furthermore, DoubleHorn provides SMBs with the ability to bundle its cloud-based solutions, making IT management faster, cheaper and agiler. In fact, DoubleHorn was the recent winner of Best Cloud Solution for its cloud services marketplace at ITEXPO Austin, this past October.

DoubleHorn understands the need for cost savings for a small business, and being a small business itself, DoubleHorn provides its small business partners with a predictable low monthly fee. With DoubleHorn’s solutions, customers will benefit from hard cost savings with lower support and maintenance charges, lower system acquisition costs for equipment and lower non-recurring costs for configuration setups and training.

SMBs will also enjoy savings in soft costs by spending less time with multiple vendors, which in turn limits distractions in the workplace and allows for maximum time and efforts focused on maintaining a successful business. DoubleHorn also coordinates and handles system changes, training, and support, limiting the number of time customers spend on the phone with vendors.