Big Data in the Cloud

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What happens when two very important IT initiatives that are on the minds of companies across the globe converge? That’s precisely what we will discuss in this blog. Without a doubt, cloud computing and big data are two aspects that IT managers around the globe are discussing and Cloud as an enabler for Big Data analytics is gaining prominence. Big data refers to the huge sets of data that flows from multiple devices and multiple locations and in every form possible. With the explosion of the Internet and ever-increasing usage of smartphones, data is reaching your organization at a faster rate than you can possibly organize. However, drawing insights from the data is of prime importance given the fact that it gives your organization the competitive edge.

Cloud computing offers you unmatched flexibility and has the ability to scale up and down based on your requirement. More importantly, Cloud computing is cost effective and with service providers adopting the latest technological advancements, your data is safe, secure and easily accessible. Cloud computing models can help your organization in accelerating the potential for scalable analytical solutions. Cloud solutions offer efficiencies and flexibility in accessing data, drawing insights and hence driving enhanced value. Against this backdrop, the importance of converging cloud solutions and big data analytics gains significance. Leveraging cloud computing for Big Data analytics offers business sense.

Big Data analytics entails huge expenditure and achieving cost effectiveness is of primary importance. With a huge amount of data needing to be stored and accessed in-house for analysis, it is imperative to leverage a private cloud infrastructure with the capability to scale up and scale down as per your requirement. Additionally, big data is essentially a mixture of both external as well as internal sources. While sensitive data may reside in your in-house storage systems, usually huge amount of external data is generated either from your organization or public and third-party providers that may already reside in the cloud. So it makes better sense when you use the data from the cloud rather than moving all the data behind your firewall. Furthermore, you can always leverage the power of Analytics as a Service (AaaS) to extract value from big data. AaaS, supported by your internal private cloud, a hybrid model or a public cloud enables you to make the best use of your IT budgets.

Depending on the cost, workload, data interoperability, and security, your IT department can choose public cloud systems, analytics services, and platforms to enhance scalability; utilize their private cloud infrastructure to eliminate risks and to maintain data control; or also use a hybrid model that incorporates the features of both the private and public cloud services and resources. Depending on your need you can choose across a full range of analytics requirements from data usage and data management and delivery using AaaS. AaaS typically features the following capabilities:

  • Captures and extracts unstructured as well as structured data from trustworthy sources. It also prioritizes the data based on its criticality and identifies which data to be retained and for how much longer time.
  • Manages and controls data under detailed guidelines and governance policies across the global locations of an enterprise and in compliance with specific requirements of the industry
  • Performs data integration, transformation, visualization and analysis to offer the exact information at the correct time at the right location.

AaaS can be deployed in the cloud based on several cloud service types including PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS.

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