Ask Cloud Broker Services: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Defined and Explained

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IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS… what do they all mean? Even if you’re one of those unfortunate souls known as a digital native, the terminology associated with cloud computing can quickly become confusing. That’s why so many companies depend on cloud consulting companies to manage their migration to the cloud.

So before you invest in cloud consultants or cloud broker services to help develop your public, private, or hybrid cloud computing services, it’s essential to understand the lingo. Although this is far from a comprehensive cloud computing glossary, it will cover some of the essential terms you’ll need to understand before working with cloud brokerage services. In short, there are three fundamental service models for the cloud: IaaS, Paas, and SaaS.

IaaS; Infrastructure as a Service: In the past, companies handled their Information Technology services on-site, often at great cost. But today, the latest research from cloud broker services finds that at least 35% of modern IT services are delivered, in whole or in part, by cloud computing. That’s because IaaS IT models are generally more cost-effective. For instance, the government expects to reduce its digital infrastructure spending by up to 30% by switching to an IaaS cloud computing model.

In short, rather than developing on-site digital infrastructure such as servers and data centers, companies and government agencies contract with cloud broker services to access virtual infrastructure over the Internet. This is not only cheaper but allows more seamless data sharing across departments. That’s why 59% of businesses that rely on the cloud say it’s helped them share data across various applications, departments, and operations.

PaaS; Platform as a Service: A platform is an operating system you use to access the cloud, in the same way, that Windows or Apple iOS allows you to access your computer’s applications. In a PaaS model, you access the platform online, freeing your organization of the need to build and maintain your own platform. Through PaaS services, you can access and build up the applications and software your company needs, like billing, customer support, or human resources software.

SaaS; Software as a Service: Finally, there’s SaaS or the applications you access through your cloud platform. In this model, software is provided on-demand through a licensing agreement, and clients access the software using a web browser. So rather than purchasing and installing expensive and complex software, you rent a subscription and access the software online. For instance, WordPress is a popular SaaS. Another example would be your email network (most likely Gmail, although typically SaaS isn’t free).

IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS are the three fundamental service models of the cloud. Still feeling lost? Contact cloud broker services for a cloud computing assessment.

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