Analyzing the IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Study: Choosing the right Cloud Model

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Which cloud model is right for you? Choosing the right cloud model is a very crucial element of your cloud strategy as it helps you in calculating the budget required and the utility the cloud service can provide. In our previous blog, we have discussed the organizational impacts of the cloud and how the roles and responsibilities of IT staff are impacted when transitioning to a cloud environment within your enterprise. In this blog, we will see how organizations are adopting cloud services and how to choose the right cloud model.

According to the IDG survey, it is interesting to note that among the enterprises that have moved to the cloud, 24% of the enterprises have upgraded their existing cloud services and 28% plan to do so in the next 12 months. As far as the adoption of cloud services is concerned, IT environments are moving quickly to the cloud. For the query about what percentage of organization’s total IT environment presently resides in the cloud, 19% of them reside in the private cloud, 15% in the public cloud and only 5% prefer the hybrid cloud and 61% of the enterprises have no cloud-based applications. However, the number is set to increase over the next 18 months with the percentage of non-cloud enterprises dropping to 47% from 61% this year. This showcases the immense popularity cloud is gaining over the years. It also indicates the potential markets up for grabs.

Cloud spending outside the IT organization is on the rise and is expected to rise further over the next few years. Currently, 23% of the cloud spending originates outside the organization is projected to reach 28% in three years from now. And the cloud purchase decisions are generally taken by the top IT executive or the CIOs in the majority of the companies irrespective of the size of the organization. There are further other non – IT areas that are either funding or planning to fund the cloud initiatives in the organizations. As per the survey, marketing, sales, and human resources departments are funding the cloud initiatives apart from the IT departments in the organizations.

However, there are many instances where cloud-related projects that originally initiated outside the IT organization come back to IT ownership. About 45% of such projects came to IT ownership as per IDG survey. The major reasons that were expressed as being the causes for projecting returning to IT ownership include security concerns, lack of appropriate talent, need for standardization among others. Nearly 60% of the respondents replied that lack of appropriate skill and security concerns were the main reasons behind the projects that external projects returned to IT.

In the last blog in the series, we will discuss the challenges, barriers associated with cloud adoption.

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