Acme Packet SBCs Allow DoubleHorn to Tap into Retail Market

Read Time: 1 minute

Since launching the company in 2005, DoubleHorn has evolved its Session Border Controller (SBC) portfolio with several different versions of SBCs in order to either adapt to new demands in the ever-changing market or to expand old SBCs that may have had limitations with the ability to deliver to certain markets.

More recently, DoubleHorn has been looking to reach both the retail and wholesale market but first needed to seek the proper SBC to support both environments. After solidifying a new partnership, the Acme Packet SBC has provided DoubleHorn with new innovative technology, and confidence that the devices can deliver on every level.

The new Acme Packet SBCs’ innovative roadmaps take care of the core security the way it should be done, allowing DoubleHorn to stay competitive in the industry.

The SBC road maps allow users to lay their own applications in the core without having to worry about customizing codes while allowing DoubleHorn to support its retail and wholesale environments.

Since partnering with Acme, DoubleHorn has been able to save its operations team time and effort. They’ve done this with the new SIP Trunk Xpress application, which has been able to accelerate time-to-market for cloud-based services by automating manually-intensive and error-prone SIP trunking configuration tasks which reduce delays caused by human error.

“Acme Packet solutions help us simplify operations and contain costs by solving interoperability issues, exploiting industry-standard servers, and automating common configuration tasks,” said Tab Schadt, CEO of DoubleHorn.