A Smarter Way to Manage SIP Trunk Implementations

Drew Bixby
Read Time: 1 minute

A Smarter Way to Manage SIP Trunk Implementations

If you are already leveraging an efficient hosted VoIP service, its time you start investing in the right capabilities to further drive and manage the success of your internal communications. Regardless of your bottom line goals, enterprise customers share the same vision when it comes to obtaining a reliable, secure phone system that is cost-efficient and flexible enough to change as their goals do.

Our IPOne™ SIPtrunk solution includes a CALEA compliant, an E911 solution with unlimited calling capabilities. Calling is not only unlimited, but free between any DoubleHorn enabled sites. Our solution also provides automatic call forwarding in the event of an emergency, as well as DID (direct inward dialing) functionality to allow callers to connect directly. Additionally, our service allows enterprises to scale or de-scale depending on the growth or restructuring of their company.

Another benefit to our SIP trunk service is our self-service customer portal, MyDoubleHorn, that allows enterprise users to monitor the performance and management of their network traffic. By utilizing our portal, your customers can gain access to manage and provision their SIP trunks to configure data of all in-house and remote devices. By providing customers with that extra level of visibility into their services, we are providing them with a higher level of transparency for success.

Join us for a webinar “A Smarter Way to Manage SIP Trunks” March 5, 1pm-2pm, to learn how the MyDoubleHorn customer portal allows you to purchase, provision and manage your network and inventory.